Love at First Lomo: Diana Mini

Lomography changed my life and the way I live it. Read about my Love at First Lomo story featuring the Diana Mini after the jump!

Not long before, I bought my very first lomo camera after ages of longing it. I bought a pack of films, and I snapped everything I see (okay so not everything. but you get the picture, haha). Within a week or so, I finished 3 rolls of films. I have no regrets and I’m still currently stuck at my 4th film, thinking what to take photos of. But I’ll always try to find something new to experiment with.

After looking at the photos I took using my first 2 films, I felt satisfied, and in love. I felt surprise and happiness all at the same time. The photos came out unexpectedly. I thought I would have more blurry pictures, but nothing was blurred and everything was perfect. Even though there are some pictures that came out something else than what I planned, still found them beautiful.

I also played with the half frame mode, taking 2 photos in 1 frame.

I experimented with multiple exposure as well, and I am loving the result.

Some people may think that Lomography is a waste of time, that buying all the films is costly when you can just take a photo with your digital camera and edit it. But it’s the end result that is priceless, after all the effort wasted, the outcome would be a surprise. And that feeling of surprise is something compare to nothing. For me, it’s worth it. ♥

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