Spotted: La Sardina Fischers Fritze in a Fashion Magazine

Lomo cameras are turning heads yet again. This time round, La Sardina Fischers Fritze is starting to get some well-deserved attention.

I’m not surprised anymore for finding Lomography’s cameras in the pages of fashion magazines. Lomo cameras are stylish, vibrant and hip – all a fashion addict is looking for!

I would say the classic Diana F+ and its clones are the most featured Lomo cameras in fashion publications. But being so vibrant and colorful, the La Sardina cameras are also staring to get some time under the fashion scope. As I was browsing the latest issue of the London Evening Standard Life&Style supplement – the Deluxe magazine — I was very pleased to find one of the La Sardina cameras: the Fischers Fritze. I guess it’s impossible not to notice its vibrant colors and retro-inspired print. I personally love how the first series of La Sardina cameras are so reminiscent of vintage styled seafood cans.

La Sardina cameras are great for making wide-angle photography so easy and so affordable. Besides, they come in a variety of ‘flavors’ and one is for sure gonna please you!

Here are some of my favorite La Sardina photos, straight from the Community:

Credits: cornborn, tomkiddo, nishichauhan, natalieerachel, cc-in-paris, mephisto19 & anafaro

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written by anafaro on 2012-02-20 #news #fashion #analogue-photography #lomography #style #media #spotted #la-sardina

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