Spotted: Diana F+ Glow in the Dark

I saw this some weeks ago while I was walking around in a shopping centre in Portugal and it made me smile!

A few weeks ago I was walking in a shopping centre (one of many in Portugal) when suddenly I saw something that surprised me. I couldn’t take a picture, so when I got home, I checked on the internet and here it is. This was taken from an online catalogue and it’s the same image that was on the store’s wall:

Image via Zippy Kid Store

Is it just me or is that a stunning Diana F+ Glow in the Dark?

Image via Zippy Kid Store

Zippy is a portuguese children’s clothing store, with over 30 stores throughout Portugal and other countries such as Spain, Turkey or even Saudi Arabia! As you can see, they are spreading the lomo love and who knows? Maybe they end up inspiring children to take pictures, which would be amazing.

I’m not sure if this kid knows where to click, but he does look cute holding that camera. Hopefully he will encourage other kids to ask their parents to teach them the wonders of photography and perhaps he will learn too!

Good luck kid and thank you Zippy.

The Diana F+ Glow in the Dark captures the same dreamy, lo-fi, medium format images as the original Diana F+. Born to shine, just warm her up under strong lights and watch her glow! See her with the rest of the Diana Clones here!

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