We Went Wild with Scavenger Hunt @ Lomography Gallery Store Singapore

With a whole list of tasks to complete, strangers to approach and photos to snap! Contestants went wild running around town capturing the zaniest and whackiest photos. Trees, Snakes, Leopards are some of the things they have to search and snap!

Let the wild ride begin!

As a toast to Lomography’s spanking new and positively feral Go Wild collection, Lomography Gallery Store Singapore we took on some mad thrills with an altogether new-fangled scavenger hunt!

They are all ready to shoot!

The rules were simple – we gave each pair of daring Lomographers a barmy list of wacky tasks, of which they had to piece together with lucid minds in the shortest time possible. Armed with Lomography’s La Sardina cameras, they had to zip about Singapore getting some kooky snapping done and showing us where the light is!

Some families gave their wildest pose!!!

We had them scratching their heads to spot a leopard put together with a road– all on the same frame. And then another of a a zebra who loves flowers. How’d they do it? Well well, with multiple-exposures of course!

Check out their Awesome Photos:

The Zebra who loves Flowers : Domo & Hadi
Someone who is walking the dog: Avalyn & Codey
Monkey See, Monkey Do: Weihsuan & Sheldon
Kissing a Stranger’s Hand : Zee & Jasleen
The Leopard and the road: Nicholas & Joanne
Couple sharing a drink: Ming Wei & Qiu Xuan

The zaniest pair had won themselves a Diana F+ Zebra and Diana F+ and the couple with most creative shot won themselves a La Sardina Serpent Sapphire and La Sardina Mobius.

Congratulations Nicholas & Joanne for scoring a whopping scores of 74 in a possible of 100points!
While Zee & Jasleen had the most creative photo!

We love those shots!

Get ready to sail the high seas with our new La Sardina collection! These 35mm cameras are equipped with spectacular wide-angle lens, multiple exposure capabilities, and a rewind dial—everything you need for fun-filled and thrill-soaked escapades. Get your own La Sardina camera now!

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