Create Funny Short Stories with Your LomoKino


When I got the LomoKino in my hand, I started directly filming with this great camera. But as I did not have any ideas at first, I was just filming around – friends on a holiday or flying seagulls – which is a nice and important approach to get to know the camera. But after a while, I felt that I wanted more. I wanted to create films with a real story, which are also for others funny to watch. I had some ideas, which I now want to share with you.

Seagulls in Istanbul – just filming around

The main thing for a great film are the actors. I am lucky to have a muse, who is doing most of the time what I want, and who is also creative to talk about my Lomo-ideas and for giving me new inspiration. And she also likes dressing up, for example with a moustache, which makes pictures and films even more special.

Collecting ideas, even the smaller ones
Always, when I have an idea for a picture, I am writing it down on little papers. Some of them are stupid when I read them again a few days after (and sometimes I even don’t know what I wanted to say), but some are not that bad. I started the same thing for LomoKino movies: writing things down where I think that it could be nice to have it in a film. Often, those are stop-motion ideas, like crying, and the false tears moving on the skin.

Combining your ideas to a short-story plot
When I wanted to create a movie out of my ideas, I realized that most of them are too short. Who wants to see a film about just somebody crying? But when I saw at the same moment some other ideas like “smoking in front of a camera”, “being killed with a knife”, which were enough for giving me the inspiration of the plot for my first “real” LomoKino short-film, which I called “smoking kills”. I wrote on a paper “smoking a cigarette – death with a knife – crossing the eyes – girl crying”. When my girlfriend was visiting me, we decided to realize this short plot, and she also brought some creativity in the film, for example the blood coming out of the mouth – a bit more in every frame.

Use flash
It is always a good idea to use flash. For us, it was important as we made the film inside the flat in front of a white curtain, and we needed the additional light. But also outside, it helps to spot on the most important part of the film without any shadows in the face.
The Holga flash that I used was a bit tricky, as we had to wait some seconds between every frame until it was reloaded, but for the next plot I will try a better flash, like Fritz the Blitz or one for SLRs.

Use slide film
Assuming you want to develop your film in C41, I’d recommend to use slide film and to cross it, for making the colors more spectacular (if you want it in E6 – how about crossing a negative film?).

Start filming!
It’s always good to have some costumes and flat mates around, for making it funnier and to have a helping hand (as we needed it for the knife). And then you should just start and try! And see what comes out. Have fun!

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