Analogue Lifestyle: Young Musicians from China

Watching the musical performances by members of the Hangzhou School of Performing Arts during the Spring In The City 2012 event rounded up my experience with young Chinese entertainers. My verdict? They’re great performers!

Having watched and been mesmerized by the first two performing acts at the Spring In The City 2012 festival held in Raffles City, Singapore, I knew I had to watch the third and final troupe’s performance for the event. After all, they flew direct from China to perform for two weeks per troupe as part of the Lunar New Year festivities.

The Hangzhou School of Performing Arts was the last troupe scheduled to perform at the Spring In The City 2012 event. Yet, it was by no means the least entertaining. The first two shows by Nantong Youth Acrobatic Troupe and “Guangxi Youth Troupe”: were memorable ones. One of them even gave me goose bumps during the performance.

I admit, because I wasn’t there on the first day of their performance, I was able to check out the recorded performances on YouTube. As such, I knew what to expect. This is a different type of performance. It’s not an acrobatic show, so the performance may seem sedate to some. Yet, it is no less energetic!

In between watching the performance and snapping away, I could picture hordes of people being entertained by such performances during the days before television.

The performers were young, yet they have reached a level of competency to perform almost flawlessly in front of a crowd. What’s more, you could see how absorbed some of them were with their music. They were really into the performance, giving it their best and enjoying it at the same time.

For me, the highlight of the show was the synchronous drumming by a group of four girls using five drums. It was quite cute to watch and hear them cry out “Hei!” during parts of the performance. I chuckled when I heard them.

Check out the rest of the snapshots here.

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