Love, love, love: Paris, Lourve Museum


Thinking of a date spot? The Lourve is a top choice if you want to impress your date.

The da Vinci code was the book that propelled it to fame, but the Lourve is most certainly deserving of its revered status.

Home to the renowned Mona Lisa, the Lourve is one of the most well-known and best-loved museums in Paris. Not a shoddy place to take a girl you fancy out for a date, not at all. Particularly if she seems to be the artsy type.

The two of you could trudge from one hall of sculptures to another, share your thoughts on how the renaissance inspired some of the most spectacular art pieces ever created, and perhaps connect over an exceedingly exorbitant, but bland sandwich that they happen to serve in the cafe there.

If anything at all, choosing the Lourve as a date spot would certainly leave quite a respectable impression on your date.

written by scrabbyknees on 2012-03-12 #places #love #location #paris #france #date #art-and-culture #the-lourve

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  1. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    Nice article and nice photos! By the way, it's spelled the LouvRe and not Lourve ;) I'm going there today for the 2nd time, I'm excited!!

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