How to Make an Accordion PhotoWall

Here’s a quick and easy way to add some flair to that white boring wall. Learn how to make your own accordion photo wall!

I got this custom-made LomoWall from my boyfriend this Valentine’s Day. It’s a nice variation to the usual LomoWalls I have seen.

Materials Needed:

  • thick paper (e.g. construction paper or any of the sort)
  • glue or tape
  • developed or printed pictures (of course!)

First, plan out how many pictures you’ll be displaying, as it will determine how much paper you’ll be using. A letter-sized (8 1/2 × 11″) construction paper can fit about 12 wallet-sized photos. Then take one piece of construction paper and make accordion folds.

Now, stick your pictures using tape or glue into the folds. Make sure you alternate them so the pictures look like they’re “jumping” out of the wall. Congrats! You’re ready to stick your lomo creation on the wall! If you’re feeling a bit more artistic, you can add some more decorations for added effect.

Extra tip: Add an extra piece of construction paper to both ends of the accordion fold to turn it into a book or card. This makes it easy to fold up your LomoWall in case you need to move it to another location.

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