Kodak Gold 200: From Dusk till Dawn


Kodak suggests using its Gold 200 film up to two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset. But I advise you to use it between dusk and dawn.

I have always been told that Kodak Gold Film was one of the worst films on the market and so I never bought it. But one day, having little money, I decided to try it. I didn’t have high expectations, and instead I was surprised.

The first roll I used for testing bokeh and double exposures. I first photographed the lights of the Christmas tree, then I rewound the film and I reloaded it in the same machine (to match the frames I made ​​a sign with a permanent marker when I loaded the film the first time) and left taking pictures around the city.

Credits: -dakota-

I liked the results, especially the yield of the blue sky. So I decided to try it again. I went to Cala. After sunset.

Credits: -dakota-

San Martino at Noon.

Credits: -dakota-

A Mondello, one very late morning.

Credits: -dakota-

Lascari, during a picnic on the beach at dusk.

Credits: -dakota-

The Kodak suggests using this film up to two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset. But I advise you to use between dusk and dawn. Colors are more saturated in low light. It makes it much better than a dark sky, blue, rather than the blue sky of the morning.

written by -dakota- on 2012-02-24 #gear #review #dusk #kodak-gold-200 #dawn #low-light #kodak-film #lomography #user-review
translated by -dakota-


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  1. lorrainehealy
    lorrainehealy ·

    Ok, you've convinced me! Tripod between dusk and dawn?

  2. -dakota-
    -dakota- ·

    @lorrainehealy I didn't used a tripod but if is very dark you have to use it, the film speed is only 200. Maybe there is also a kodak gold 400, but I've never tried it!

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