Waikiki, Honolulu: Finding Romance in the Details

Everyone is familiar with the picturesque images of Waikiki, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. What comes to mind are usually palm trees, white sand, and the lounging couples on their honeymoon. All of these intimate details and more really add to the romantic atmosphere my love and I found during our LomoWalk around Waikiki. See more after the jump!

One day on our usual date night, my love and I decided to pretend and be tourists for the day. And what better place to do so than at Waikiki, the center of tourism at Hawaii?! Here’s a little guide to some things we saw and enjoyed during our romantic date.

What I was looking for in our LomoWalk was the little details that really popped, that bring extra life to the area, and also details that are unexpected – the sort of things one wouldn’t expect from Waikiki. And so, when we passed a quaint, little harbor at the start of the city, I just had to snap a photo.

Credits: dearjme

Who would’ve known that this harbor was in the city that is known for its fancy hotels, bustling shopping centers, and hip bars? I absolutely adored walking around the nice harbor, which was quiet and very romantic.

Heading further into the main part of Waikiki, we stopped by the Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel, which boasts of many small shops for its visitors to check out. One building that stood out, gorgeous and enchanting, was the chapel. Here, I did a double exposure to enhance the floral aspects of the chapel, incorporating a vision of purity and love.

Credits: dearjme

Further around the chapel, my love and I found these sprawling flowers and vines that wrapped around the architecture. The lush garden life was simply elegant and stunning. And once again, I love the fact that this photo doesn’t scream out “tourist” or “Waikiki,” but rather, has an understated beauty.

Credits: dearjme

With my f/1.8 50mm prime lens, I could really take advantage of the bokeh and focus on the flower itself. Although the shot is overexposed, my eye is really drawn to the bokeh.

We walked further into Waikiki, coming towards the area of the main Waikiki Beach – the most famous beach of the island. Tourists flock to this beach simply because of its close vicinity to everything else in the city. The beach is literally right across the street from the hotels. But I really wanted to focus on the details of Waikiki, so I snapped these two photos of the different grounds that we came across – a patch of purple leaves, and a division between sand and concrete.

Credits: dearjme
Credits: dearjme

As someone who really looks for the discrete and hidden details, I thoroughly enjoyed the way the photos and their composition came out. The patch of purple is unexpected, different, yet has an amazing sense of texture. And the sand/concrete photo creates a statement of division, something in which I can see a shift in material and again, texture.

Personally, I think texture is really sensual, and for me, I linked that to romance.

Credits: dearjme

And how could I forget the palm trees? Looking out toward the beach, I shot a double exposure incorporating what we all dream of in Hawaii, reminiscent of relaxation. The sand is a perfect backdrop for the double exposure, seamlessly blending the postcard-perfect with reality.

Credits: dearjme

And finally, at the end of our day in Waikiki, we enjoyed the city lights, gazing around the night and a whole new world awakened within the city.

If you ever have the chance to visit our lovely and romantic city of Waikiki, take the time to enjoy the little things! There is so much to be noticed and seen, just waiting for you and your loved one to appreciate it.

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