Fritz the Blitz Flash: Light for the Flash-phobic

I have a phobia. I am afraid of flash photography: washed out colours, bleached white faces of friends and family. I couldn’t face it; I was in denial. I’d got used to saying to people, “No, I can’t use this camera in this light — I’d need a flash, and I never use a flash.” Then, I got myself a Fritz the Blitz flash.

Credits: myahcat

I’d had a La Sardina for a while, but without a flash. When I stepped into East London’s Lomography Gallery Store when the Fritz the Blitz Flash came out, I was instantly intrigued by the settings available. Rather than a ‘one flash suits all’ approach, the Fritz the Blitz can be on different settings depending on how close your subject is, whether it’s a group shot or an individual portrait. I finally began to see my phobia of flash photography subsiding. And guess what Santa brought me for for Christmas!

Credits: myahcat

My first trial of family shots went well: no bleached out faces, colours preserved. I even had some fun with the coloured caps provided to give images a light wash of colour, for surreal effects. I was also able to attach the flash to my LC-A, thanks to the handy adaptor. I couldn’t wait to try it out in a testing environment, a place colourful and lively. Enter the “Rumpus Party” in Islington. The “Carnival of the Animals” event provided me with vibrant costumes, painted faces, and plenty of dark conditions to really test the flash. Combined with an X-Pro slide film, the results have changed my mind about flash units.

Credits: myahcat

So, if you have some unresolved psychological issues with the camera flash, consider the Fritz the Blitz Flash. With its multiple settings, you can plan your shot and get the results you want, along with the colours you want. I’m cured!

written by myahcat on 2012-02-24 #gear #review #fritz #lc-a #flash #lomography #user-review #la-sardina #fritz-the-blitz #rumpus

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