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From humanizing comic book superheros, to beautifying trash piles, Australian street artist Fintan Magee has done it all. A chameleon, when it comes to themes and chosen surfaces to paint on, Magee often mixes different themes together to make pedestrians contemplate the individual issues separately as well as, as a whole.

Images via Fintan Magee

Brisbane based artist, Fintan Magee, is a graffiti artist, trained from an early age by the Brisbane graffiti culture in which he was raised. Influenced by found objects, often discarded items, and children’s books, his guerrilla murals are intriguing compositions because of their combined softness – think teddy bears – and bold colors and lines and important themes.

Image via Fintan Magee

Very much into installation art, Fintan combines his traditional graffiti paintings with elements of the former. Just check out the above photograph of a wall, on which a mural featuring a two-face teddy bear and Lego man, wading through what looks to be balloons or colored balls and garbage bags, at the foot of which is read garbage, probably at a garbage dump.

In our rapidly growing society, there’s no escaping the fact that our waste is also growing in quantity. While a lot of us are stepping up to curb this phenomena by living by the three Rs of the environment, Fintan is tackling the issue from another angle – creating eye pleasers in the mass of eye sores!

Information for this article was taken from this My Modern Met piece.

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