Rare Diana F+ Clone Spotted in Hypebeast's 'Essentials'

In Hypebeast’s latest installment of ‘Essentials,’ a lovely Diana F+ clone is included in Team Manila co-founder’s list of must-haves. Curious? Read more to find out!

Online magazine Hypebeast has recently featured Jowee Alviar, co-founder of multi-disciplinary creative collective and design studio Team Manila. But, instead of delving on the usual questions that aim to shed light on the design studio and its innovative projects, Hypebeast opted to ask Jowee about his list of necessities, like what they’ve done with many creative minds for a series called “Essentials.”

Image via Hypebeast

Hypebeast finds that Jowee’s essentials show his affinity for Lomography and Typography Ephemera and reflect his personal interests as a designer, blogger, and photographer. Lomography, as evidenced by the beautiful (and absolutely rare) Diana F+ London LWC pictured above, is definitely in the picture for Jowee and the Philippine-based design studio. In fact, Team Manila, has been Lomography’s exclusive brand distributor and ambassadors to the Philippines through the Lomographic Embassy Manila.

“Check out the full “Essentials”== feature on Jowee Alviar here!==":http://hypebeast.com/2012/02/essentials-jowee-alviar/

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