Dunsmuir Rail Road Park

Rent a “room”. Sleep in a train caboose. Dine in an old boxcar. Photograph old train cars. Enjoy the view. Explore Dunsmuir Rail Road Park Resort at the base of Castle Crags, between Dunsmuir and Castella, California.

If you’re heading up I-5 in Northern California and like trains, Dunsmuir offers a rich railroad history. The town was formerly named Pusher, with a busy roundhouse and train station where additional engines were added to push trains up the hill to Mt. Shasta.

For this LomoLocation, let’s explore the Rail Road Park Resort between Dunsmuir and Castella for an adventure in train and landscape analogue photography.

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In the late 60’s a family began to collect train cars and form a resort just south of the town of Dunsmuir. Boxcars were turned into a restaurant and train cabooses were converted into hotel rooms. There are additional engines and cars on site, simply on display for ambiance (including a snow plow train engine).

Credits: kellysamuelson

This is a perfect stop if you are traveling through and an even more interesting lodging experience if you plan to stay the night. The property has a number of ponds and breathtaking landscapes, including a stunning view of Castle Crags.

Credits: kellysamuelson

Tip: Since most of Dunsmuir and Castella are in a valley (carved by the Sacramento River), they have shortened hours of direct sunlight. Enjoy a longer magic hour and a cool retreat from the sun during warmer seasons. If you are looking for snow, winter is perfect. However, if you’d like to experience the resort, schedule your visit for summer when all the facilities are open.


Credits: kellysamuelson

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