My 11th Golden Rule: Keep Your Head Up

After receiving my film scans today and browsed them, I realized that I had this weird fixation for 3 months. Picture after picture, same photos and angles I saw from hundreds of scans = windows, trees, sky, and roofs.

I don’t know why but these past 3 months of lomo-ing (yeah, I made this term up), I noticed that most of my shots were either the sky, trees, roof tops or windows.

The photos were taken from December to February and the shots where not in the same film rolls and it’s kind of weird seeing these photos from across 13 rolls of films having the same theme. I am going to try and justify to myself why these shots are noteworthy, or worthy.

First the windows and roofs, my husband and I went to Vigan, Ilocos Sur and most of the Filipinos know where Vigan is. For me, it’s the only place in my country where I could feel like I’m in the old times when Spain conquered the Philippines. Okay, enough of history lessons and I’ll just let you look at the pictures. I am so amazed of how old these windows are and the intricate details of the roof. I was literally just looking up most of the time while we were strolling calle Crisologo and the art was just breath-taking. I actually planned to go and asked the vendors below/owners of the building if i could go up and look outside from one of those windows and try to shoot from above, but I never had a chance, or the guts to ask them!

So of course, when you are actually looking for windows and roofs, you will automatically see the trees and the sky. I just liked te contrast between the blue sky / clouds and the trees, particularly the leaves and the branches. How the branches seem to hold on to the sky and tries to grasp it.

I may not know the mystery behind my fixation, but one thing’s for sure, I may not know everything about lomo, because I just started last Aug 2011, but having a toy cam/film cam in my hands made me more aware of the surroundings, that every nook and cranny that I used to take for granted are now part of my world, that those tiny curls of the intricate designs of the roofs, or the leaves that seems to continue swaying even after you took that shot, is a part of me and that looking through the plastic lens transformed the world like it was never before.

written by iamdnierod on 2012-03-02 #lifestyle #sky #windows #superia-400 #canon-t50 #tree #holga-135bc #superia-200 #fixation

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