Prittlbach - Outback


My Hometown. Here I grew up, ate sand, hurt my knees and so on. It’s place nearby Munich, but far enough away to be on the countryside. I’m always coming back to my hometown for visiting my parents. I love it to go for a walk on the fields and watch the clouds and the trees. It’s perfect for a sunny but also for a “snowy” day.

That’s my hometown. Here I grew up, here i fell down and here I stood up again. My knee knows the ground and I know the fields outside of this little town. Out there we’ve played in the summer and in the winter. It was perfect and it is still perfect in every time of the year.You can go for a walk or you can do some sports, with or without the bike.

Of course you can also only be satisfied by looking around you. Several times in the year I’m driving home to relax a bit at my parents house and then I go out for a walk to remind myself of all this days in my childhood. It isn’t long ago but it is still nice to remember this glory days without pressure and stress. High Five For My Hometown.

Take a timeout and take a look.

written by stinketier on 2009-06-28 #places #location #deutschland #hometown #germany #agfa-clack #diana #heimat


  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Your pictures have really something strong about the "home" feeling you're talking about.... I like them very much :)

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Yeah vicuna is right... There is something very sincere in both your shots and your text.... Love it ! My favs are N° 8 and 16.

  3. krixers
    krixers ·

    this is an absolutely beautiful shot. the colors, the scene, the people, its great.

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