Meet Singapore's LomoCouple #3 Nick and Shuyun!

Nick and Shuyun are a LomoCouple who cook, shoot, dance, and love Singapore together. Let’s follow their analogue adventures!

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourselves.
Nick: Hi I’m Nick and I work at the National Museum of Singapore (no, I do not dig up bones). I love travelling, playing my guitar and I’m always thinking of the next best place to eat chicken rice. Nothing, and I mean nothing, (except my expanding waistline) excites me quite like the thought of food.
Shuyun: I am a girl. I love animals, craft, travelling and pop culture. I love my boyfriend Nick but I have a not-so-secret crush on Ryan Gosling too.

What sorts of favourite activities do you do together as a couple?
We like to do happy things like visiting museums, cycling, watching films, listening to music, travelling together and checking out unique places in Singapore. We also love whipping up new dishes in the kitchen for our friends, families and of course ourselves!

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Do you usually shoot together? What are some of your favourite things about shooting photographs together?
We try to go shooting together at least once every fortnight. It is always best to shoot together because now you have four eyes to spot all the interesting photo-worthy things around you. It’s a great motivation for us to get off the couch, get out there and find new and crazy things to do together!

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Tell us about the film swap that you both did for this story!
Well we often joke that we live at opposite ends of the country. It takes an hour and a half for us to travel to each other’s places! So why not merge our ‘parallel worlds’ together? The idea was to do a film swap between us and we would each shoot our own neighbourhoods.

This was the first film swap for us so it’s a totally new experience! The results were not great, but it was really fun anyway and we learn from our mistakes for the next round. We think the most important thing is that we enjoyed ourselves – we had a great time exploring both neighbourhoods and showing each other the places we grew up in!

If you could give your partner any Lomography camera, what would it be and why?
Shuyun: I would give him a Fisheye camera, because sometimes he has a very weird and wacky way of looking at the world, which you can see from the lame jokes he makes sometimes.
Nick: The Spinner. Cos she’s always spinning me round and round!

If you could go together to any place in the world to shoot, where would it be and why?
Italy – we are planning to go there later this year! We have always been fascinated with the architecture, history and not to mention food there. Right now we are already getting excited at the thought of all the photographic opportunities!

Do you have any tips & tricks or shoutouts for other LomoCouples out there?
Use the medium of Lomography to explore interesting and unique places in Singapore that you would otherwise overlook or not know about. You will find that you have so much more ideas for dates that just keep coming!

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