Love at First Lomo: My Diana F+ CMYK

Since I started at the Lomography world I fell in love with the queen of plastic. The Diana F+. And not any Diana, but it’s clon, the Diana F+ CMYK one.

Credits: liquorice

Just over a year ago, searching tutorials on internet to learn some tricks to do at Photoshop, I came across one which taught how to apply the ‘LOMO effect’ to your photos. When I saw the result, I was amazed. But, what it the world was the ‘LOMO effect’? I investigated about this and finally found the Lomography website. I found out what was Lomography and saw what kind of cameras existed. When I saw it, I fell under its feet.
I began to see photos taken by Lomography cameras submitted at the community, but mainly take by the Diana. The more I saw photos taken by it, the more I had the desire to have one in my hands, to pamper it and to have a walk shooting with it.

At March, a few months later, there was a Workshop near where I live, so I signed up for it. I wanted to learn more about Lomography. But I asked for the Horizon Perfekt, because I wanted to shoot for first time a Diana which were of my own.

Credits: liquorice

Less than a month later, my boyfriend gave me a Diana F+ CMYK because of our anniversary! I even didn’t suspect! I was so excited when I saw a package on his bed.
It was so pretty! I loved its cyan body and the pink flash. In addition, next to it was the Diana F+ Splitzer!

As I got the chance, I went to a photography store and bought two 120 films and began to shoot. I was so nervous, because I didn’t know if the photos would came out, but I was excited too because I got my colorful plastic camera at last. So I shoot all around! Click here, click there.

Credits: liquorice

I did know I got to raise a bit the camera so I wouldn’t cut some heads, and I loved the possibility to do multiple exposures! But, what a disappointment when I processed the first roll! Some photos didn’t come out, some others were underexposed,… But there were some of them so lovely! I didn’t care the one that didn’t come out. I loaded another film and began to shoot. So I did it again, click here, click there. My friends were fascinated with the camera. Because of its amazing colors and was light as a feather!

I developed the second film. And some photos didn’t come out and some other were underexposed again. What a hassle! But, there were some lovely photos, so I just got to get the hang of the Diana F+. Because I’m in love with it already! Now, I know that the Diana needs a lot of light and pampering.
I can’t wait to load another film on it and enjoy new lovely stories!

What was the first Lomo camera you owned and fell in love with? Share your stories and check out our requested posts for this month to earn more Piggies! Meanwhile, you can check out other Love at First Lomo stories from our community members.

written by liquorice on 2012-02-24 #lifestyle #medium-format #120 #love #diana #diana-f #cmyk #love-at-first-lomo

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