The BIG LomoKino Rumble is Ending Soon - Get Some Old-School Inspiration!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win a whopping 1000 EUR movie budget – Submit your best movies to the BIG LomoKino Rumble and make your dreams come true! Missed out on the competition so far? Don’t worry, you can still take part – Be inspired by these classics of early cinema and get creative over the next week!

You’ve only got until February 24th to take part in our huge, mega, massive (or, as we like to call it, BIG) LomoKino Rumble! Don’t be put off by the tight deadline; we know that many creative people work best under tight time pressure – So grab your LomoKino, whip up a storyboard and get shooting! To help inspire you, check out this selection of amazing old-school movies from the BFI Youtube Channel – we love them!

A Kiss In The Tunnel (1899)

The Old Maid’s Valentine (1900)

Mary Jane’s Mishap (1903)

The Sick Kitten (1903)

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