A Sunny Day in Sentosa

Sometimes when you feel like having some fun under the sun and have fun in the water, where would you go? A swimming pool? Nah, you’d rather go to the beach of course! And in Singapore, the perfect place would be Sentosa!

Sentosa is a small island in Singapore and one can get across to the island by bus, the express monorail, walking on a garden theme boardwalk or by cable car, which is an amazing experience as the view underneath is totally marvelous (as you can see from the second photo).

Before getting to the beaches, one can have a walk around the island to enjoy the sight of a big Merlion statue, the Tiger Beer tower, and underwater world (indoor water world with marine creatures like sharks etc). After walking, there’s a monorail service, which will bring you to the beach station. Now there are two beaches in Sentosa namely Tanjong Pagar Beach and Siloso Beach. Upon reaching the beach, you just can’t wait to change into your swimwear to start having fun and suntan! Wanna have a break in between? There’s beach bar around so you can have a drink or two for relaxation.

Sentosa is one of the best places to enjoy beach activities in Singapore and not forgetting, it is also an ideal place for shooting!

written by bao_wei on 2012-03-13 #places #blue #fun #location #lca #sentosa #escape-from-the-city #kodak-ed-200

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