Prague Flea Market


Do you like to buy cheap Russian cameras? Then the Prague Flea Market is perfect for you! By the way, you can take beautiful pictures of people and old-fashioned stuff here too!

Last month, I’ve visited the wonderful old town of Prague with my boyfriend. We only had to days to take a look at all the famous buildings and locations in Prague but we didn’t want to miss the flea market and this was a good decision. Aside from all sorts of crazy stuff (we saw some grenades and other military property and I’m not quite sure if this is legal in the Czech Republic, but it is in any case, worth a picture), almost every stand had a Russian camera. We were very lucky and ended up buying a Smena. My boyfriend got the Smena 8m, while I bought the Smena Symbol for about 10Euros. Both cameras are in good condition.

You can find the flea market near the metro station Kolbenova (Metro: Kolbenova B). From this point you should see a yellow wall. Go along this wall and you’ll find the market. You have to pay 75CZK (about 3 Euros) where most of the money is spent on the district where the flea market is located. It starts at 6 o’clock and it is good to be there early but we were there at 10 o’clock and saw just the same lot of good cameras.

I hope you’ve got the appetite to visit the flea market. Don’t be too shy to haggle, I’m sure you’ll get your own original Russian camera from a very interesting flea market and you’ll have a good story too!

Thank you to imbaaA for helping me out with the two pictures.

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  1. mallorynox
    mallorynox ·

    I bought my Polaroid and Vilia there, last weekend I saw a beautiful Exacta and a lot of Flexarets, also Kodak Brownie:) there´s always something "new"

  2. tachauch
    tachauch ·

    Yeah, that is what i like on that flea market! :)

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