2 in 1: Double the Fun!


Once in a while, we trigger happy lomographers run into this sort of “surprise.” Read on to find out more.

“But I didn’t mean to take those shots in a single frame…”

These is what I tell myself each time I use one of my cameras, especially with my TLRs. I find that I have a short term memory when it comes to remembering whether I already shot something on a particular frame or not. And by the time the film gets processed, scanned, and delivered to my house, I’m surprised to see unexpected doubles in my film roll.

But of course, as Rules #8 and #9 of the 10 Golden Rules say: “You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film…afterwards either.”

Here are some more accumulated “unexpected double shots” over the years.

Looking at these pictures, I don’t regret having exposed a frame multiple times unintentionally. In fact, I adore it! It definitely makes me appreciate analog photography even more. The amazing result of multiple exposed shots takes the picture into a whole other level. From a faint shadow to a burst of colors, you’ll definitely be blown away by how two different images work well together.

How about you? Do you have any of these unexpected double shots that turned out great?

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  1. butterwithbutter
    butterwithbutter ·

    Same in here! I don't remember if I shoot or not and eventually I'm surprised by my unexpected double or multi shots. It's awesome.

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