Meghann Riepenhoff's Stellar Chromogenic Photograms


Today’s advanced technology has enabled artists to use countless ways to create interesting worlds born out of their imagination. Even so, a San Franciso based artist has created her own fantastic sceneries using an interesting analogue method. Learn more about it after the jump!

Image via Meghann Riepenhoff's Official Website

If you’ve ever looked at some of the photos snapped in outer space, the latest works of San Francisco-based artist Meghann Riepenhoff will somewhat remind you of the mysteriously fascinating world outside our own. Aptly called “Instar,” her collection of abstract images explores both massive and minute worlds which she describes as either “colossal cosmic landscapes” or “minute intercellular reactions.”

What makes the artworks even more interesting is the creative process behind them. Riepenhoff makes use of a traditional photographic technique called photogram, which, without the aid of a camera, creates an image when objects are placed directly on the surface of photo-sensitive paper and exposed to light. After allowing light to pass through the objects, the photo-sensitive paper is processed in photographic chemicals, revealing, in this case, Riepenhoff’s images of galaxies, planetary systems, and nebulas—-or at least what many of them appear like.

In her own words, Riepenhoff shares:

“My work pushes the process of photogramming by not only using objects, but also incorporating an enlarged negative, meaning that the objects respond not only to the light from the enlarger but also to the color, texture, and subject matter present in the negative. Additionally I manipulate light sources, move the objects, and fold or curve the photographic paper during exposures, allowing each print to function much like a scientific experiment, where results are often unforeseen.”

Below are some more of Riepenhoff’s amazing stellar landscapes from “Instar”:

Images via Meghann Riepenhoff's Official Website

Learn more about Meghann Riepenhoff and “Instar” by visiting her official website and

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  1. skrutt
    skrutt ·

    Amazing! It looks so dreamy!

  2. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    Amazing work, thankyou for sharing it :)

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