LomoKikuyu Update, Meet Dr. Catherine Kareko Wamuyu

This morning we got something great in the mail. The folks at Light for the World sent us a very nice letter of appreciation for your help with their initiative to help doctors in Kenya. Read about Dr. Catherine Kareko Wamuyu and what her motivation to become an eye doctor is!

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Thanks to all of you who took an extra step in your check out process in the online shop and added the LomoKikuyu Book to your orders, last year we managed to raise €2,200 for Light for the World! Since January 1, 2012 we have raised an additional €1,200. Although we still have a long way to go, this donation is one that will help doctors achieve their goals and prevent and treat people with eye diseases in Kenya.

Dr. Catherine Kareko Wamuyu is a 28 year old doctor who has always aspired to help the seeing impaired. Currently, she is working as a district doctor in Embu, a city northeast of Nairobi. With the money donated by Lomographers, she will be able to help people with seeing disabilities.

After completing her studies in general medicine and surgery at the University of Nairobi she began doing her internship at the Meru District Hospital. During this internship, she was able to work in several different stations including surgery, general medicine, and obstetrics. Once she completed her internship, Dr. Kareko Wamuyu worked in a small rural medical station where she was the only doctor. Additionally, she worked at a general medicine clinic that specialized in HIV/AIDS patient care.

During her time there, she noticed that many of her patients had developed eye problems due to diabetes and high blood pressure and decided to start a specialized station for both illnesses. Did you know that between 10% and 15% of diabetics suffer from eye diseases? In the case of this rural hospital, these patients would then have to be referred to the nearest District Hospital to be treated. From her practice in the second clinic, she found that 20% of patients suffering from HIV/AIDS were in the clinic due to eye problems, specifically eye infections.

Once, she was visiting one of her patients that had been transferred to a district hospital and met an ophthalmologist who not only shared much of his wisdom with her, but trained her to identify and treat many eye conditions with the resources she had available.

Her experiences in the rural hospital helped her understand the hardships her patients went through to visit the clinic, high costs and long travel distances. She has also had the possibility to work with several different non government agencies and in many help centers in smaller villages and has seen there is a lack of eye care professionals and auxiliary facilities. Conditions that are easily treated, such as cataracts, are many times left untreated because of lack of money.

So, what has Dr. Catherine Kareko Wamuyu learned, and why does she want to be an eye doctor?

After having worked in rural areas as the only doctor for a large group of patients, I have learned to be very organized, to work hard and to motivate others to do the same. My goal and my motivation to complete my specialization in optometry is that no person should be blind when it is avoidable through medicine, and in 80% of the cases, it is. More people should have access to medical treatment, doctors should be closer to the people. I know, that someday, I will be able to give the people that I treat something meaningful, their eyesight.

How you can help
Head to the online shop and purchase the LomoKikuyu Book for 5 EUR/USD – we’ll take care of the rest!

For every 5 EUR/USD you donate by buying a LomoKikuyu Book we will match your contribution and send it to the International Committee of the Red Cross which will be used to fight the famine in East Africa. So, your donation is working two fold!

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