Time - A Photo Collage Series by John Clang


While the idea of capturing the essence of a city in a picture made up of a bunch of torn photos may not sound doable, photographer John Clang has reworked shredded snaps taken in New York City to bring us a series with a refreshingly new and unique perspective on city life. Tear on over to the article, after the jump!

Images via My Modern Met

Photographer/visual artist, John Clang adopted his onomatopoeic last name while doing national service in his home country of Singapore. His identification badge read: C L Ang, short for Ang Choon Leng, with his last name positioned first.

Image via My Modern Met

The photo above is titled Time (Seaport Ice) and is one I’d like to highlight for the fact it depicts an ice skating rink and physically, being composed of torn paper, looks like shards of ice, broken after a large block was thrown and smashed on the ground. And while the only chills we imagine these skaters to have had to be from the cold, when you imagine thousands of other bodies in the exact same spot you were in before, you might have an onset of chills even if you are in a warm environment!

A fragment of his artist’s statement alludes to his fascination with the idea of there being multiple dimensions of time in our universe. “We may have a ‘life’ that exists similarly on a different path, one minute before or after the one we’re living now. We merely just exist in this current dimension, and sometimes when time paths collide, we have déjà vu experience.”

Check out his other works and more of his Time series here !

Information for this article was taken from this Neatorama piece.

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    saw this a few days ago and it is really great.

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