Long Exposure Light Paintings

Alexandra Pacula, a Brooklyn-based painter, has always been interested in nightlife and her large-scale paintings often depict the busy streets of New York. See her work after the break.

Image via Alexandra Pacula's website

Alexandra Pacula describes her works as visual intoxication. Her works center on urban nightlife because of her fascination with the qualities brought about by the city at night. When seen from afar, her oil paintings are similar to long exposure shots. When you look closely, you’ll see that the swirls and the ‘lights’ on her photos are actually careful brush strokes. The swirls are create the feeling of dizziness. She also likes to create these images to represent the moments in life that passes by so quickly. You can view more of her paintings on the gallery below.

Images via This is Colossal

It’s amazing how she can recreate these paintings that look like long exposure photos. You might want to use her artwork as an inspiration the next time you go out to the city and capture the lights on a busy intersection. Below are some Tipster articles that might help you:

Information for this article was taken from Alexandra Pacula's website and This is Colossal.

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