My Wild Love - The Full Version

You may have already seen Lomography Hong Kong’s special ‘My Wild Love’ series in 4 parts. Now you can enjoy it in it’s entirety! Even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, let’s let the fuzzy feeling linger a little longer, just like if you were all cozied up in a giraffe suit!

This LomoKino ‘love story’ was filmed by Lomography Hong Kong for Valentine’s Day. It was part of a special giveaway in which the community was asked to share ‘My Wild Love’ on Facebook for a Diana F+ Zebra! We’re presenting the whole movie for your viewing pleasure, so that you may enjoy the wild, love story from a different perspective. We’ve been smitten, that’s for sure! How can you not, with so many exciting wild animal patterns, not just on cameras but on bags, the pavement, and in the form of a giraffe jumpsuit! Now we know how those big cats feel, lounging in the Serengeti, looking at all the Zebra galloping on by. It’s enough to drive you wild!

On another note, this story is a sweet one, and comes with a message… opposites attract! The girl with the zebra bag ends up falling for the giraffe, doesn’t she? Also, persistence… And (alright, there are multiple morals of the story in this 3-and-a-half minute short) there are ways to express yourself even if you are the shiest of creatures, just take the paw-print trail left by Mr. Giraffe – very reminiscent of Amélie and her chalk trail!

Here’s to the Hong Kong team, love, and getting dressed in a animal-print costumes!

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