Venice Beach Canals


The Venice Beach Canals are a very relaxing, peaceful place to take a walk and enjoy the scenery.

Start your trip by parking your car at one of the Venice Beach parking lots and take off on foot towards the canals. If you don’t know where they are exactly, ask a local, because they are sure to know. Once you reach the canals you see a variety of sights. There is wildlife (mostly ducks and a few seagulls), interesting architecture (there are amazing houses, interesting footbridges, and pieces of art decorating the locals yards), and plenty of canoes and boats. You will also encounter friendly families out for a stroll or welcoming locals out walking their dogs, you might even spot someone paddling their canoe up the canal enjoying the sun.

A couple of things that you should be aware of if you decide to visit would be that not all of the homeowners appreciate you taking pictures of their impressive houses and be aware of where the sun is while you are shooting because the glare might effect how your camera views your surroundings. Overall, the Venice Beach Canals are a great place to visit and nice, relaxing spot to take some interesting photos.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Lovely gallery of a lovely place !

  2. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    This is a really cool area. I just visited it recently for the first time.

  3. jblaze823
    jblaze823 ·

    Yes it is quite nice, it seemed a very calm, relaxing place to me.

  4. big_penguin
    big_penguin ·

    Great pics! They all look very 1960-ish, kodachrome era. I love the Venice Canals too!

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