Ferrania Solaris 200: Cheap, But Comes with Wonderful Colors


Ferrarnia Solaris 200 is a color negative film that you can get for little money, but comes with wonderful colors. Read more about the film after the jump!

Actually it’s the nice “plus” and “dot” symbols along this film’s sprockets that I like so much.

Recently, I bought some rolls of this color negative film. Firstly and mainly because of the abovementioned reason, and because it’s so cheap as well. I wanted to test this film for my Diana F+ (with the 35mm Back) and the Spinner 360.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t an ISO 400 film available, so I decided to take the ISO 200 film. I loaded the first roll in my Diana and tried a little using different exposure times and so on. Because there are a lot of very beautiful spring flowers in the shops, of course, I wanted to take some photos of them.

Today, I had the film developed and scanned it immdiately. The result was really surprising. The colors are very beautiful. Not too exaggerated, but definitely not low in contrast. Everything came out really pretty, especially the flowers. With ISO 400 film, the subjects (above all light subjects) will often be too light in the sun or they lose luminosity. The 200 film is essentially better suitable. Dark subjects in shadow need a ISO 400 film with the Diana and the Spinner; otherwise the pictures will be too dark.

For summer/sunny/sunshine-y subjects, this film is very great and cheap. So, you can only hope that the dark and foggy days are over soon!

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  1. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    I just put a roll of this through my Olympus OM-2n. It had been sat around for at least 10 years and definitely not kept refrigerated. It didn't look pretty at all. Really massive grain and horrible purple colour cast. Nice to see that it can do good things as well, but I would not trust it for shots that matter.

  2. zatto
    zatto ·

    I bought a lot of these films (a 25 roll-pack, 1 € a roll), expired in 2008 and I must say that I really like Ferrania Solaris 200! This is a picture I took with my Minolta SRT-101b...

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