Kaena Point Bird Sanctuary

Kaena Point lies on western Oahu, Hawai’i and has meant a lot of things to the people of the island over the years.

Kaena Point is the westernmost point of the island of Oahu, Hawai’i, it is no longer accessible by normal vehicles but was once sacred, commercial, and now, preserved for wildlife.

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In Hawaiian, the word “ka’ena” means “the heat”. Ka’ena was also the brother of Pele (goddess of Fire and Volcanoes). If you have ever been along this area the name of “the heat” is well deserved. There is no shading and little wind. Many legends also say this is where souls left the island, as a jumping off point. Some also say it is the home of the legendary Night Marchers spirits.

During the plantation era of Oahu, the Dillinghams ran a railroad around to connect the estates from the north side of the island through the west. Most of the train elements were removed in the 1980s but evidence remains.

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Today there is a bird and wildlife sanctuary accessible from either the north or west via parks. The trail from either side is approximately 2.5 miles to the sanctuary. There are incredible views along the way.

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Once you arrive, there is a containment fence to prevent dogs and rats from bothering the nesting birds.

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Inside are Laysan Albatross and wedge-tailed Shearwaters nesting right on the ground. These very large birds seem okay with you as long as you do not leave the roped off paths. You can also find beautiful tide pools and basking Monk seals. We could also see surfacing whales a half mile off shore.

Credits: neanderthalis

This is a breathtaking hike but please remember to respect the wildlife and nature. Some of the largest and most dangerous currents can be found along these shores. The best surfers in the world rarely surf here. Please bring lots of water and a good camera.

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