How to Avoid Newton's Rings While Scanning Your Negatives


I found a good definition of Newton's Rings: ’Newton’s rings usually form due to interference created by the reflection of light from a flat surface onto a spherical surface. In scanners, moisture on either the negative or on the glass surface (the tiny spherical droplets of moisture are responsible for the concentric rings in the pattern) can result in this problem.’

Credits: 29dollars & digyourself

Professional photographers suggest to buy an “anti-Newton glass” to avoid this problem; also the DigitaLIZA scanning mask should work fine, avoiding the contact between the negative and the scanner’s glass. I found another tip that works, and that is putting the negative in the scanning mask back-to-front, with the natural “curve” of the negative (caused by the canisters) up … but I think that the images lose a lot of their definition. So I found an easier way to defeat this terrible enemy.

All you have to do is put something like a thin cloth between the upper and the lower part of the scanner, leaving a little space between the film and the glass. For better results in scanning, you should cut your negatives and leave them for some hours under something heavy, to make them as straight as possible … Et voilà! No more Newton’s Rings!

Light can enter and change the colors of your pictures, because of the thickness of the cloth.

If you want to avoid the light to enter in the scanner because of the thickness you created, you can simply put a blanket (or a sweater, everything works well) over the scanner.

With and without the cloth! Do you see the difference?

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  1. paappraiser
    paappraiser ·

    great I was wondering how to get rid of things

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Nice ! Another technique is given here : ) (…)

  3. skyggerogstillhet
    skyggerogstillhet ·

    What scanner do you have? I am struggling to find a good flatbed scanner that doesn't blow the bank...

  4. attelid
    attelid ·

    @skyggerogstillhet I already had a HP one, that, I think, costs more than 100€ and doesn't fit 120 film, but if you're looking for something less expensive, I think you should try this…

  5. skyggerogstillhet
    skyggerogstillhet ·

    thanks! a canoscan 9000F for a decent deal yesterday! :D

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