Manila CitySlicker Felix: A Quick Look at a Gallery Big Exhibit

Art lies in the heart of every city! And for our Manila CitySlickers’ second task, we asked them to roam around their analogue cities and know more about its artistic side. Let’s take a look at what Felix has to share with us after the stop.

Credits: feelux

Name: Felix Quiogue
City: Paranaque
Age: 21
Occupation: Programmer of sorts

Recently, a friend of mine recommended me to this art exhibit located in the Rockwell Power Plant Mall. It’s always interesting to find an art exhibit within a mall, exhibits haven’t failed to steal a glance from me. Exhibits usually provide inspiration, fascination, relaxation, curiosity, and entertainment to most people, including me.

This art exhibit was hosted by Gallery Big, lead by Jonathan Sy. The paintings featured in were from different artists, but you could see which paintings belong to an artist just by looking at it. Most were really nice to look at, and some were entertaining.

Credits: feelux

There were neat sculptures, and paintings on a small wooden canvas too.

Credits: feelux

This exhibit is different from all other exhibits that I’ve seen mostly because there were a variety of art forms. It does have the usual elements of an exhibit: paintings and sculptures, but it featured something unique, a glass sculpture.

Made by the famous Filipino glass sculptor, Ramon Orlina

This is one of Ramon Orlina’s creations. Ramon Orlina is a world-renowned Filipino glass sculptor. He is the only glass sculptor in the Philippines, and he is hailed as the Father of Philippine Glass Sculpture! He has a lot of astonishing sculptures and I felt honored to see one of his artworks.

I personally enjoyed this recent quick exhibit experience, and since then I’ve been yearning to attend another exhibit, and hopefully it’ll be more like this one.

How about you? What’s your recent Analogue Art experience?

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Stay tuned for our Manila Cityslickers’ analogue adventures as they roam their cities with their film ammunition!

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