Join the World’s Biggest Communal Snack!

This coming February 24th, you can join the whole world in eating a snack. Interested? Read on for more details.

Image via Travelettes

Sharing a meal is said to be one of the activities that can bring people closer together. On February 24th at exactly 12pm EST, you can join the world in eating a meal together. Art House Co-op’s The Meal project aims to foster community and break cultural boundaries. Apart from that, they also aim to address the global problem regarding world hunger.

You can take part in the fight for hunger by partaking in a meal at the same time as the rest of the world. Photograph yourself while eating and mail it to the project organizers. The photos will be part of a photo exhibition to document the world’s biggest communal snack.

For more details on the project, you can visit The Meal: Documenting a Global Snack.

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