Vintage Photos of Trapeze Artists from LIFE


Since carnival festivities often include circus elements, it’s worth taking a look into one of the best known circus acts to this day: the trapeze. Let’s take a look at some beautiful photos of the dauntless trapeze artists taken by LIFE photographer Loomis Dean from the 1950’s.

Photo by Loomis Dean via LIFE Images Hosted by Google

If you happen to find a circus tent or enclosure in a carnival, among the most daring acts you will witness are the breathtaking trapeze performances. In this popular circus act, trapeze artists perform many different stunts and tricks while hanging up high from a short horizontal bar held by ropes or metal straps.

The most popular versions are the swinging and flying trapeze, both of which require tremendous strength, grace, and flexibility. Trapeze artists are indeed a sight to behold to this day, as evidenced by the popularity of modern-day circus company Cirque du Soleil. But, if you’ve ever wondered about the trapeze acts and artists of the yester-decades, we’ve prepared a visual trip down the memory lane for you. Here are some photographs from the 1950’s snapped by LIFE photographer Loomis Dean, who was acclaimed for his photos of circus scenes:

Photos by Loomis Dean via LIFE Images Hosted by Google

What do you think of these retro snapshots of trapeze artists during they circus days of yester-decades? Tell us with a comment below!

All information for this article were taken from Trapeze on Wikipedia and Circus from Wikipedia.

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