LC-A's 25th Birthday Party: Celebrate With Us at our Embassies and Gallery Shops

As we’re fast approaching the grand 25th birthday bash of everyone’s beloved LC-A this week, here’s what to expect at our Embassies and Gallery Shops! Mark your calendars and prepare for the biggest simultaneous analogue parties this year!

As they all say – Don’t Think, Just Party! Bring your analogue groove on and join us this Friday as we celebrate the LC-A’s birthday with a bang! There will be food, drinks, party favours and the great company of friends and new acquaintances all celebrating this special day in analogue photography history!

We’re putting an all-out bash to everyone’s favourite Minitar-lensed camera on Friday! Also check out our exclusive Online Shop deals!

Check out our simultaneous Embassy and Gallery LC-A parties all around the globe happening at the same date – June 19, 2009 (that’s this coming Friday!):

Be a Supermodel for a Day in Bangkok
There will be a “LC-A Super model” party activity, as well as a chance to receive a gift bag (LC-A T-Shirt, 25% coupon) at the end of the party!

LCA Celebrations in China
Celebrate a haaaaappy 25th birthday to the LC-A in our slew of stores in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai!

LC-A 25th Birthday Party Celebrations in Tokyo
Stop by for some drinks and food, celebrate the LC-A’s 25th Birthday in the land of the rising sun together with the rest of the world! There will be surprises along the way so you won’t want to miss this!

Come Celebrate the LC-A's 25th Anniversary in Seoul!
Partake in our opening ceremonies in spicy Seoul with the history of the LC-A, Cake cutting, Find out who the oldest LC-A users are as well as receive discounts and gifts on this special day!

Celebrate The LC-A's 25th Anniversary in Hong Kong with Vodka-Infused Flair!
Friends, lovers, everyone’s invited on the eve of the LC-A’s birthday! Join us at the Gallery for some vodka shots, fun and friends as well as Russian-themed performances and activities, as well as special showcases from Hong Kong’s finest Lomographers!

Oh it's so 1984 - The LC-A Anniversary Party in Dubai
Let’s share memories of what life was like in Dubai in 1984. Join us for some birthday cake and drinks – enjoy music from that special year, courtesy of Discoballbreaker on June 20, 2009!

The LC-A's 25th Anniversary Party at the Lomography Gallery Store NYC!
Join us in NYC for music, drinks, 80’s karaoke, and other surprises to celebrate the quarter-century milestone that is the LC-A’s anniversary. Special deals on Lomography cameras are abound as well!

The Grand LC-A Anniversary Party in Paris comes up with Live Acts by Fabien with his Coquette Choir and Dick Turner with a Trombone! Enjoy this extravagant analogue event!

Last but not the least, we’re also celebrating the LC-A’s birthday in Vienna (but of course!). Lomo LC-A - The Cult Legend Celebrates 25th Anniversary – Ready yourself for a flurry of coloured flashbulbs, free vodka (while stocks last), LC-A cake-munching, live music and DJs!

Also check out our related LC-A birthday workshops and walking tours at our events section

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