Minifanfan Customizes the Diana Mini En Rose


Minifanfan is one of the most amazing artists from Malaysia, famous for her motto ‘Happy drawing for happy people’; she is indeed a petite little happy handmade artist! Come and take a closer look on her beautiful customization on her brand new Diana Mini and Flash En Rose – You & Me!

How long does it take? It took her 2.5 days.

Materials needed:

  • Diana Mini En Rose
  • Felt
  • Recycle paper
  • Clear plastic bag
  • Sewing kit
  • Scissors
  • Disappearing ink marking pen (She lost her marking pen, so she just used a normal pen)

1. Duplicate the shape on recycled paper and cut it out. Use clear plastic for copying irregular shapes. The camera is not a flat tool; sometimes you’re not able to copy the shape accurately. So it’s better to cut the shape slightly bigger than the original shape.
2. Mark the shape on felt by using disappearing ink marking pen. This pen keeps your mark visible when you need to see them. Wipe them off with water when you no longer need the marks.
3. Cut them out after finish marking.
4. Stitch your art on felt.
5. Sew the pieces together and you’re done!

The steps and procedure during the DIY process of “You & Me”.

“You & Me” took her 2.5 days, some DIY material, 5 simple steps and whole lot of love and patience.

The final outcome of all the patience and love.

The Diana Mini En Rose is truly adorable. Coated in lovely pink, this camera shoots dreamy, soft-focused half-frames and squares in 35mm. Get your own Diana Mini En Rose now!

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