Fisheye Adventures with Bulgarian Artist Raycho Stanev

Raycho Stanev is a visual artist and designer whose work includes various art installations, illustrations, photography, audio and video projects presented worldwide. His installations are reflecting past and present, personal memories, heritage (communist) policies and urban cultures. Raycho is always on the go and loves to travel around the world with his Fisheye 1 camera! Until February 29th you can visit his exhibition ‘Fisheye Adventure’ in the Lomography Gallery Store Berlin.

Name: Raycho Stanev
Occupation: Graphic Designer
City / Country: Sofia, Bulgaria
LomoHome: Raycho

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?
I’m a graphic designer doing book covers, posters and visual identity and many other things connected with design. But I’m also interested in contemporary art where I can cross different medias like photography, video, animation and writing.

Why do you still shoot analogue?
A friend of mine showed me his Lubitel and I was really impressed. After several months I decided to start doing analogue photography just for fun.

Are you only shooting with a Fisheye camera? If so, why? What do you like about it?
I bought the Fisheye for my birthday as a present for myself – the pictures that I saw on the Lomography website were great and I was really fascinated. I also like the fact that everything is really simple – you don’t have to be professional with great photography skills. You should just go with the flow and stop thinking about the composition, the speed, the aperture and all of this complicated gadgets that only disturb you. Because you can’t focus on the moment and don’t feel the atmosphere around you… With a Fisheye camera you are free and you can enjoy the surrounding more.

What photographic equipment (cameras, films, and accessories) do you usually have in your bag?
The typical photographic equipment is my Fisheye together with about 10 films – 5 of 200 ISO, 5 of 400 ISO and my iPhone – yes, I also shoot with it. I usually don’t like to disturb people and put cameras in front of their faces, but with the Fisheye they don’t even notice when I’m shooting. I don’t waste time to see what’s the perfect composition or prepare the speed etc. – I just see something interesting and shoot.

Credits: raycho

Tell us about your travelling. Why did you shoot in Havana, Istanbul and Deoghar? Coincidence or have you planned to go there?
I travel a lot – participate in some festivals, programs, projects and so on. There I can learn a lot more about the places I’m visiting and their inhabitants. I’m not just a tourist, I’m working and I’m doing something for the place, together with local people. Which is actually very important to me. It’s good to know the people because it helps you to learn more about the place. People define a place, not the architecture, monuments or sightseeings.

What do you wanted to express with those pictures?
I just want to express my mood and feelings. The pictures are all very spontaneous – so it’s real passion, nothing else.

Any future plans? More travelling?
I want to try out a LomoKino. I’m planing to do a collection of short fiction (writing) stories in combination with short LomoKino movies, made in Berlin. And I want to visit Georgia this year.

We are fascinated by the interactive animations you do with your Fisheye pictures! How did you create that LomoScope?
I really like to cross media and to see how analogue things could be transformed into something digital but without loosing its soul. Every year I’m making some nice and fun animated cards in my studio and people really enjoy sending them as e-cards for example. The LomoScope was easy – I was inspired by my brand new Fisheye camera and also by my handmade kaleidoscope and I just combined both tools into one interactive digital card. You can find more here.

Check out Raycho’s work on his website

Fisheye Adventure is Raycho’s personal experience in Havana, Istanbul and Deoghar (India). All of the pictures you’ll see were taken with his Fisheye 1 camera. Until 29th of February the pictures will be presented in the Lomography Gallery Store Berlin. If you’re in town come by, have a look and meet the lovely Berlin staff. Maybe Raycho is also around!

Lomography Gallery Store Berlin
Friedrichstrasse 133
10117 Berlin

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