Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 60: Lomographers Speak Out!

Creative individuals talk about their love for Lomography and of course, the Fisheye!

Eriko Fujita
24, student and artist
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

I am a typical young poor artist who hails from the “in-between” generation. I love Japan and the U.S. I love printmaking and photography. I love my dog, Mickey, and I’m obsessed with silkscreening.

Favorite Fisheye feature: I feel like I’m peeking at my own secret side of the world through a cheap looking toy camera and it’s actually thrilling.
Expert technique: I have no technique or whatsoever but the picture will tell. Do not think things through logically = just take photos.
What the hell is Lomography? A black hole in many ways. Once you get stuck, you won’t be able to get out.
Message: When I bought this camera, my plan was to take ton of pictures so that I can get away with some school assignments. I’ve only been using the Fisheye camera for 3 months but it gave me the confidence to keep making art forever. Really it did. The pictures that I took with the Fisheye camera during this summer became a trip to look for my identity and roots. Thanks!

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