Blue Fisheye Goes to Town

Being a full time student in a private university is definitely not a challenge for an avid Lomographer who loves to experiment and trying something new. My dream to have my own Fisheye One Blue finally became a reality in an unexpected way, just a few days before the finals week a month ago.

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Taking the actuarial science major for your degree is not an easy task; there are a lot of assignments and readings that need to be done so that you can keep up with the class, or else, you are totally going to fail that class. One of my toughest class is Interest Theory, in which I always spend most of time studying that subject.

One of my friend from that class, Jeremy, who is also a new Lomographer (just like me) understands me really well. We are both kind of average students in the class, and only a few are capable of getting high points for test and quizzes. Realizing how stressed I am in class and knowing that Fisheye One Blue is one of my dream cameras, he secretly bought me one and gave it to me a few days before my final starts.

I was surprised and very happy at that time. At first, I thought that he was just joking around until he gave it to me himself. He hoped that the camera can be like some kind of booster for me to succeed in the test. And so, I finish the test a week later, and without further delay, I brought my newly-opened Fisheye One to the town.

I really enjoy the wide-angle lens that Fisheye has. It’s really superb! I can see the entire view even from a small and limited space. The Fisheye is a compact camera, great and surprising. Its lens sees everything, has a viewing angle of 170 degrees that creates spectacular distortions. It works with 35mm film and has flash. For shooting, I recommend you to get close, really close, to the item you want to photograph and “don’t think, just shoot." Truthfully, Fisheye is one of a kind.

I am hoping to get the Submarine accessory so that I can enjoy the wonder of Fisheye under the sea.

For all Lomographers out there, if you have any of your friend who is stressed up with studying, give him/her this camera and it will just make their day—or maybe even their week!

Lomography’s Fisheye One is the world’s first compact 35mm fisheye camera. With a sweeping 170-degree view and slamming colours and contrasts, the Fisheye One will certainly give you great circular shots every time. See it with the rest of our Fisheye cameras here!

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