Shenandoah National Park


High flying on the Skyline Drive. 105 miles on the Skyline Drive along the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The speed limit never goes over 35 miles per hour. Elevations ranging from about 2,000 to over 3,500 feet above sea level. 75 scenic overlooks with unbelievable views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Over 500 miles of hiking trails. 101 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

You can spend an entire day just driving from one end of the park to the other. You take a break about halfway to eat. Thanksgiving leftovers which consists of chicken and stuffing sandwiches with pumpkin roll for desert. Your eyeballs want you to stop at every overlook you pass, but the sun is going down. Driving out of the park at dusk can be dangerous for the amount of deer that graze by the side of the road. Keep your wits about you and a sharp eye and you should make it out A Okay.

The next day, you tackle a 10 mile hike that you couldn’t complete on your previous visit due to a horrendous allergy attack and stupidly choosing to wear uncomfortable skateboarding shoes. Piece of cake this time. I don’t think the sights and sounds of Shenandoah will ever grow old. Our next mission: Backcountry camping in the belly of the beast.

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