Maxwell Hill

Maxwell Hill may not offer fine luxury, but it is charming and romantic in that sense. You have that old-world charm whenever you are there precisely because everything is still old and pristine.

Genting Highlands – Checked, Cameron Highland – Checked, Fraser Hill-Checked…Maxwell Hill – ?

As usual, my work brought me to Maxwell Hill, not a place of choice when I want to be in a breezy place. When we got there, we were told that there are two ways to ascend to the top of the mountain. The first option is to walk up (totally not what I had in mind) and the second way is to take a jeep. I bet you would have an idea which option we went for! It took us like 45 minutes up the hill due to the underdeveloped road and dangerous cliffs. A few of my colleagues felt sick and nauseated, so we had to stop for a bit to let them rest.

When we reached the top of the mountain, we felt closer to mother nature. I love it here very much as I’m a nature guy. At the top of the mountain, you will experience a spectacular view of Taiping town. It was unfortunate that I ran out of film, and thus, wasn’t able to capture the moment.

Maxwell Hill does not promise a breathtaking scenery, nor does it offer a fancy resort atmosphere; yet it is a very good place for us to take a break and rejuvenate because sometimes simplicity is the best. At this place, it crossed my mind that sometimes the simplest things help us focus and relax the most.

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