Hanging Out with an Expired SVEMA


Hi there! It’s Yegor speaking, I’m from Kharkov, Ukraine. There are some interesting articles by wil6ka about our town, and they are pretty nice. Our daily environment suffered from imperial influence (before 1917), during the Soviet era and now, surely, global culture is hitting us (good or bad). Kharkov is an eclectic and interesting place but my post covers a hangout place in the outskirts.

But here’s the catch, how long do you think it takes to salvage an old military installation and turn it into the perfect apocalyptic vista? (I’d say 7 years).

I’m referring to the maintenance bay for transcontinental missiles (satan class maybe, the shell platings left there were good enough for guys to skateboard on, here is an analog stenciled vinyl I’ve sprayed on one occasion. :D

The base is situated in a way you can reach it by bus in 20 minutes from the city center. The place is awesome! Strikeball/paintball maneuvers are rolling there, some people drift there on the abandoned training ground, I had my reconnaissance drill there during my military training, and we used it as a perfectly legal graffiti playground. Disneyland! I would like to hangout there if I have a chance. Enough for idle talk though.

Deserted base. My friends from Zaporozhye and homies returned from the graffiti festival to throw some pieces for fun. Me. My fujica loaded with SVEMA (possibly already twice my age), couple of lenses, funny strikeball guys to add crescendo rounds over our heads.

It was my third home-developed film then, and I had fun making pictures of my friends that day. I guess that’s the key! I love to photograph passionate people! See you all.

written by zlanemerennah on 2012-02-28 #places #slr #location #fujica #svema #select-type-of-location #escape-from-the-city #military-base


  1. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    cpacibo yegor :) kctati u menja tojsche ject6 neckol6ko pljonok ot seta. u tebja kruto polutschiloc6, snatschit u menja mojschet buit6 tojsche polutschatetcja...

  2. zlanemerennah
    zlanemerennah ·

    Спасибо! Ты был на этой базе? К сожалению эпичность её конструкций в этот пост не попала, я постараюсь побывать там с ломо-камерой в недалеком будущем, место заслуживает внимания)

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