UK CitySlicker Dave: Preston, England's Newest City


Hi, I’m wilfbiffherb aka Dave! I’m 27 and I take photos, compose and produce music, work for a fashion label and live in the city of Preston. Where is it i hear you ask? Read on to discover through my Lomographic photos.

Preston is located in the northwest of England approximately 30 minutes north of Manchester and east of Blackpool. It is a small city but is crammed full of interesting things to shoot for those who are willing to do a little hunting.

Lancashire was once the world capitol of cotton so there are literally hundreds of mills spread all over the county. Some of those are located in Preston and if you know where to look can prove to be something interesting to shoot.

Just north of Preston is Whittingham Asylum which was once one of the largest mental asylums in the country until it was shut down in the 1900’s.

We also have car parks, lots and lots of car parks. You don’t really see many car park photos on the net and i don’t know why – they’re good places to shoot, especially at night. The top floor of a multi-storey car park always yields a great view. Keep on your guard though – you never know who’s going to be wandering about!

There are a few country parks and city centre parks which are very pleasant for an evening stroll in the sun, especially in summer as it’s a great excuse to buy ice pops!

When darkness falls and the streets come a-callin’ you can gather the troops and head off to the local live music venues such as Mad Ferret who always have good bands playing.

Although small, Preston is a great city with a heritage we are all proud of. There are many interesting things to shoot for those who are willing to put in some work and go searching.

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  1. welland
    welland ·

    Nice write up although Chelmsford is Englands newest city ;)

  2. wilfbiffherb
    wilfbiffherb ·

    WHAT?!?! How dare Chelmsford steal Preston's rightful crown!!

  3. welland
    welland ·

    Yup sorry! It was all the Queens fault!

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