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We’re loving the response to the Diana Mini Mission requests! You guys have created a new standard of Lomographic literature, so keep ‘em coming! It’s the Lomomission series with a mini-twist!

We’re loving the response to the Diana Mini Mission requests! You guys have created a new standard of Lomographic literature – keep ‘em coming and we’ll have a healthy pool of things we could try out soon – it’s a win-win solution for all! Got any great ideas you’d like the other community members to partake in? Submit your mini mission ideas in the Diana Mini Missions comment box

Here’s a sampler of some cool ideas we got so far:

Run Diana,Run!! by adi_totp
Take your Diana and run beside her on the jogging track or maybe in the street
Click Click Click Click Click Click
You’ll get “DianaJoggingGraphy”

Natural Smile by haterfloh
Walk around and shoot people that are smiling, laughing etc, but very important they shouldn’t know that you are taking a photo of them.

Pap attack by Uslan
Get yout Paparazzi on and get snapping those celebs in all of the Diana's lo-fi glory. Get to the red carpet, spot them in the supermarket or even chase their car down on a scooter. Don’t know where to find celebrities? Recreate classic pap shots with your mates, including “over the shoulder”, “dunk outside the club” and “awkward flash getting out of the car”.

A legend In Their Own Lunchtime by jaypeg
You shoot a film documenting a lunchtime adventure. Maybe you go to the park, or walk round the shops. It’s your lunchtime, your adventure.

The Quick Draw by lomosexual_manboy
Standing in a stationary position take repetitive shots of objects coming at you such as people walking on a sidewalk or cars on a road. When your roll is finished get them printed and put them together to make a short flip book. Note: A tripod would likely be necessary for best results.

Please submit more mission ideas in the Mini Missions comment box

And remember that the best 10 get 10 piggy points, although we see the number going up :)

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  1. disdis
    disdis ·

    I have to think of any.... today I'm inspired seeing my picture in this reminder.....

  2. maddyoulook
    maddyoulook ·

    I love the last one

  3. disdis
    disdis ·

    Kids play - Kids don't know how an instant camera works.... and it's so funny to see them get surprised when the picture comes out of the back. The mission could be this: take a picture with the instant Diana+ instant back and give it to them and tell them to shake the picture. Then, shoot all the process, their smile, their face and their hands with the Diana.... maybe you can get surprised as them with the results

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