Last chance to visit Paparazzo Extraordinaire an exhibition of almost 150 B&W photographs by US photographer Ron Galella at C/O Berlin. Don’t miss out.

Ron Galella – Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall © Ron Galella

How do you feel about paparazzi? Love them for letting you take a glimpse into stardom? Or hate them cause they annoy the living daylights out of everyone? All in all it’s a mixed bag I think. They fuel the fire which makes celebrities who and what they are, but at times can also go overboard and invade privacy in the worst of ways. Do celebrities have any privacy left at all? Well that’s another issue all together.

Ron Galella – Jackie Onassis © Ron Galella / Ron Galella – Sean Penn © Ron Galella

The Ron Galella exhibition in the Berlin Mitte, explores the career of one the men who pioneered this genre of photography and paved the way for others to follow suit.

From Sean Penn to Mick Jagger to Jackie O and Andy Warhol. Galella had a go at pretty much every star of his time. His photos are not staged. They are as candid as ever and yet remain kind to the subject. Glitz and glamour take a back seat in his photos where the stars seem a little closer to earth.

Ron Galella – Shield, Jackson, Lewis © Ron Galella / Ron Galella – Andy Warhol © Ron Galella

But don’t take my word for it. Visit C/O Berlin until February, 26, 2012 and take a look for yourself.

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