Video Game Project Raises 1 Million Dollars in 1 Day!

A video game project out of San Francisco astonishingly raised 100% of their funding goal in a little more than 8 hours! By the 24-hour mark they’d raised 1 million USD. Read on to find out how this was accomplished and to watch the artfully crafted informational video done by the project team!

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Though the 400,000 USD goal has been reached people are still donating and, with a month to go, the Double Fine Adventure project has raised more than 4 times their aim, earning them the well deserved title of the fastest and largest kickstarter project ever!

What’s the incentive to donate? As computer game designer, and project supervisor, Tim Schafer explains in the above informational video, there’s no loss to you or I if we donate, even if the money isn’t raised in time (which is has) because of the two-tiered element. Of course the main goal is to create a game with help from community feedback though the second, and equally interesting, part of the project is to document every step of the process.

Image via Double Fine

This innovative idea – allowing all the backers in the online community to watch as the project unravels till the point the point-and-click adventure is finished and on the computer screens of the gamers – is likely the top reason for the record breaking success. Also, the well organized, thought out, and detailed campaign, as seen on their Kickstarter project page, shows the type of people working on the game, behind the scenes, to be diligent and passionate which is always a good sign to audiences who are donating to a brand-new cause.

The project is expected to be completed over a six-to-eight month period and should begin soon. With the extra money, Double Fine Adventure has stated: “additional money means it can appear on more platforms, be translated into more languages, have more music and voice, and an original soundtrack for the documentary, and more!” So keep an eye on their project, that’s very much in the public eye, here!

This article was inspired by a Lost At E Minor article.

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