Love, love, love: Couples Gun For Fort Canning Park

Once a tactical point during World War II, this hill steeped in history is now a popular spot for picnics, gigs, and wedding/engagement photo shoots.

Credits: izadrazi

In space constrained Singapore, it is hard to find a place that is undiscovered or exclusive to the very few who are privileged to know about it. On that same token, lovebirds are increasingly finding it near impossible to get their pre-engagement/wedding albums shot at somewhere remotely original, choosing instead to fly to faraway lands for that special (and most importantly, foreign) backdrop.

Credits: izadrazi

Love knows no boundaries, yes, but the familiar can be good, if not better, too. I took these photos of a couple of friends, and decided on Fort Canning Park as the location for the simple reason that everyone knows that place. A lot of photo shoots had taken place there in the past for sure, but it’s the comfort in familiarity that I needed in order to make the couple feel at ease and consequently translate that carefree attitude onto film.

Credits: izadrazi

From the old swing at the top of the hill, to the moss-covered stone benches and the bespoke tombstones at the foot of the hill, Fort Canning Park presents many different backdrops for a romantic photo shoot. It beats traveling overseas for that elusive je ne sais quoi. Support local, I say!

written by izadrazi on 2012-03-16 #places #girl #boy #love #wedding #romantic #location #local-flavor

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