'How to Disappear in Europe' needs you!


Ever dreamed about going out to buy cigarettes and never returning? Do you want to take part in a big art project and get your work published and shown in an international exhibition? Then read on!

Credits: anarchy

‘How to Disappear in Europe’ is a project about people who lead underground lives in the E.U: may they be squatters who do not wish to be part of the legal system, immigrants from far away countries or broken hearted lovers that could not bear living in the same country as their beloved (but are just too heartbroken to bother with E.U bureaucracy).

Not protected by law, unknown to any governmental office, not being able to use bank’s services, legal advice or health care, people without papers live in an extreme situation. It takes courage and strength to live outside of the system – but is that all it takes? Or do those people actually have some supernatural powers? This is what we are trying to discover in ‘How to Disappear in Europe’.

The project will result in a photography book and a traveling exhibition (starting at the Melkweg gallery in Amsterdam). The book will consist of 27 chapters, one for each E.U. country. Each chapter is a collection of photographs and text that tells a story inspired by a person that resides in a European country without papers.

We are searching for you, an innovative, daring Lomographer, that is not afraid to go underground to portrait a disappearing hero from your country. If you are interested taking part in the project, please write us so we can send you more details about the project.


Credits: tarantula

written by tarantula on 2012-02-13 #news #europe #holland #nld #melkweg #yafit #how-to-disappear


  1. webo29
    webo29 ·

    I'd very much like to participate in this.

  2. mrmaart
    mrmaart ·

    @webo29 - please sent tarantula a message!

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