Newcomer of the Week: Jkz_jkz

Ever since that fateful encounter with the La Sardina camera – while she was on the other side of the globe, it gave her the most impressive images of her life, no wonder it’s her favourite!

Credits: jkz_jkz

Name: Olga
Lomography username:
Location: Khabarovsk, Russian Federation
Camera Shelf: La Sardina Sea Pride + Fritz the Blitz flash

How did you find out about the Community and who/what convinced you to join?

A few years ago I was impressed by pictures, made with Action Sampler. This summer I was happy to visit Lomography Gallery Store in Seoul and I was about to buy this camera, but saw dark blue and beautiful La Sardina Sea Pride and bought it. I knew something about analogue shooting and started to make my own pictures. Few months later I bought Fritz the Blitz flash to shoot every time and everywhere I want and created my LoMoHome to share the results.

Is there anyone in the Lomographic Society you look up to? If yes, who is him/her and why?

Actually, there are a lot of people I look up to. I looked through a huge amount of photos and LomoHomes. Everyone has his own style, tips and experience. I look up to people, who can make adorable panoramic photos, who can control the colours and composition.

As you have read the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography, what rule do you apply in your everyday life?

Take your camera everywhere you go» Rule# 1 I follow in my everyday life. I don`t want to miss something I can shoot.

In this digital age, why still film?

With the film you can see things as you see them in the real life. You can feel bright emotions and keep in mind things as they are. Digital shooting is beautiful, but for business. Film is for real emotions, self-expression and art.

Share your current favorite Lomography camera (could be yours or a friend’s) and explain why it is your favorite.

La Sardina Sea Pride is my current favorite. It`s the only camera I have now, but I like everything about it! I like the thing, how it makes image softer and smoother along the edges. It has boundless opportunities of doubles and long-exposure. But nevertheless I`m still impressed and dreaming of Action Sampler.

Credits: jkz_jkz

Newbie, rookie, neophyte or whatever you call them, our new breed of the ever-growing band of Lomographers are set to conquer the analogue land with their brand new hip-shooting abilities! And this is where we feature them along with their wistful thoughts and the freshest snaps each week!

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