Nairobi's Slums Photographed with Lomography Cameras

‘Grassroots Upgraded – Reflections on Nairobi’s Eastland’ is the name of the photo exhibit from Goethe Institut in partnership with Africalia, showcasing 90 Lomographs. The photographers all come from the arts collective ‘Slum TV’ which is titled as such owing to the fact they’re based in a collection of slums in Kenya’s capital.

Underway, the exhibit has been on display at the Nairobi Gallery since the beginning of the year, and will run through till April 20. Alongside the photos are videos and installation art. What’s interesting and different from these works in comparison to other documentations of life in the slums, besides the use of Lomography cameras, is the production was done entirely by inhabitants of the Mathare slum.

Photos of opening event. Images via Goethe-Institut Nairobi

The aim of the exhibit is to challenge stereotypes of slums and the lives of slum dwellers by showcasing the bustling urban life to be found, and highlighting the energetic people who comprise this setting. Commentary on the exhibit, by the Kenya based weekly newspaper The EastAfrican, is positive and implores viewing the collection in person. “It is an exciting and dynamic exhibition with pictures that almost vibrate with energy. It is also an exhibition I would like to recommend unreservedly.”

While the reporter expresses that the end that it was a surprise as well as “doubly astonishing” to him that the photos turned out as fantastically as they did, it’s not surprising for a group of Lomographers. We’re happy that others who are newly exposed to the art movement can see the captivating nature of Lomographs and its potential to provide a powerful means of story telling and expression.

Information for this article was taken from an article in The EastAfrican.

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